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An Exceptional Team

Mouncey Ferguson, Mike Caplanis and Judy Ross have been building businesses in Northern Virginia, Regionally and Nationally since 1984.

Strategic focus is a hallmark of our work. We are savvy professionals with tons of awards and more importantly, many big successes for our clients.  Put the best in the business on your team.

Successful Strategies Proven Over 3 Decades

We have won over 120 awards across many categories, from Healthcare to Hotels, Retail to Consumer Packaged Goods, Mental Healthcare to Banking, Supermarkets to Wineries and Restaurants. We are equally adept at Advertising, Social Media, Promotion and Collateral Materials.

Precision Marketing Solutions

We have been remarkably successful in helping our clients succeed in all forms of Marketing.  Our clients achieve  their business goals through a strategically integrated approach.

We positioned Sunset Hill Vineyards for Success

  • If your business isn't growing, it's likely losing share of market to competitors who are beating you at your own game.

    We are experienced professional marketing problem solvers -- with a long track record of developing BIG IDEAS -- that break through the clutter of traditional marketing approaches to ensure our clients win.

    We are lean, we are savvy, and we are on top of today's challenges and trends.  We've been building businesses for our clients for three decades.

    When we start with a new client, we talk to consumers, analyze existing research and sales trends, and create an effective strategy that guides the development of  game-winning creative.  

We Helped Tuskie's Own Local Sourcing

  • The local sourcing positioning idea emerged when we attended a planning meeting with local farmers and Tuskie's management.
  • Tuskie's had been a leader in Farm-to-Table since it opened in 1985, but many new restaurants were jumping on this emerging trend. Our ads reminded folks that Tuskie's started the trend in Loudoun.
  • A visit with camera to the farms led to a standout advertising campaign featuring those farmers, which ran for three years.

We put Loudoun's Wineries on the map.

  • The Tuskie's Wine Trail Map was an "Outside the Park" Home Run for seven years. It sent Tuskie's customers to local wineries, hotels and B&B's. They sent their customers to TRG restaurants.
  • It was a win-win-win, creating 71 new referral sources for TRG restaurants. Winery visitors loved it!  The B&B's and hotels loved it.
  • Our promotion garnered $12,500 in State and County Grants for its contributions to the growth of the winery tourism industry in Loudoun County
  • Each map had 44 Coupons good for big savings at participating partner businesses, worth over $400 when redeemed. 
  • The Tuskie's Wine Trail Map promotion ran for seven years, generating many millions in incremental sales for the Co-Op promotion partners.

Tuskie's Restaurant Group Case Studies

The Tuskie's Restaurant Group

  • Mouncey & Company served as Tuskie's Restaurant Group’s Marketing Department for over eight years, starting in the Spring of 2009.  
  • We developed a totally new approach to Tuskie’s advertising — featuring the local farmers and agricultural businesses that provided the local farm-fresh ingredients that Tuskie's used in its fine dining cuisine.
  • After three years, our approach then evolved into effective new ad campaigns for all TRG restaurants.

The Tuskie's Wine Trail Map

  • We created  this light-hearted guide to the wineries in Loudoun County and beyond. It promoted  local wineries, of which there were 24 in 2009. That grew to 43 today..
  • The Tuskie's Wine Trail became the most successful co-op promotion ever created in the Commonwealth of Virginia.
  • The Map and the Coupons generated tens of thousands of new customer visits to area wineries, lodging establishments and TRG restaurants. 

Virginia Uncorked

  • We followed the Tuskie’s Wine Trail Map with a second big promotion, “Virginia Uncorked”. 
  • Local winery customers loved it, because it enabled them to bring a bottle of wine purchased that day from a local winery, to  pair with their dinner at a TRG restaurant. TRG restaurants waived the normal $15 Corkage Fee. 
  • For wineries, it meant a net extra sale to departing customers.  
  • The Tuskie's Restaurant Group loved the thousands of new customers it brought to their tables.

Tuskie's Social Media

  • Tuscarora Mill’s Facebook Page had 2250 Followers in 2013 when we created a new content strategy: appetizing food photos of leading menu items. 
  • The effect was immediate, and significant. Appetizing photos of the foods served at Tuskie’s were a big hit on their Facebook Page, generating far more engagement and a 400% growth in Fans.
  • We initiated testing targeted, paid Facebook ads of Posts. 
  • Tuscarora Mill’s Facebook Page grew to over 9,800 Followers, a fourfold increase over five years, along with continued sales gains.

Virginia Wine Board and VisitLoudoun Grants

  • The Tuskie's Wine Trail Map and Virginia Uncorked Promotions were recognized with Grants from the Wine Marketing Board and Visit Loudoun, on three separate occasions totaling over $12,500 to be used for creation and production of promotion materials.

Twin Oaks Tavern Winery Case Study

In the beginning...

  • When we started working with Twin Oaks Tavern Winery in 2010, their Facebook Page had just 242 Followers. Using photos and videos of the winery and Posting them on their Facebook Page,  we were able to grow their Facebook Followers to over 4,100 in four years.

We Redesigned Twin Oaks Bottle Labels

  • We  redesigned their label to be more appealing and contemporary,

We Redesigned Twin Oaks Website

  • Twin Oaks website was in need of a major redesign, which we accomplished with the assistance of Bill Replogle and John Pfeiffer of Sparky's Garage.

We showed people what Twin Oaks was all about on their FacebookPage

  • Friends meeting friends in a warm, casual setting. Fine wine and fun times.

We Ran Special Promotions on Facebook and Instagram

  • We used paid, targeted Facebook Ads to carry the message to wine lovers, Twin Oaks fans and their friends.

We promoted the scenic beauty as well as the award-winning wine

  • The scenic beauty at Twin Oaks Tavern Winery is stunning.  The wine is divine.  The awards followed and we captured them in a scenic mountaintop view.

Holiday Inn Crowne Plaza Case Study

They gave us their worst performing problem market hotels

  • There were 11 properties averaging under 40% occupancy in overbuilt hotel markets. The hotels were beautiful, but business travel was down due to the economy, and there were too many new hotels nearby. The Crowne Plaza hotels needed 68% occupancy to achieve profitability.

We kicked off with a promotion called "The Date is the Rate"

  • The first night's rate of a 2-night or longer stay was based on the day of the month, with a copy of the leading airline in the market in-flight magazine containing the ad.

  • The second and subsequent night were at the normal rack rate. Even on the first day of the month, total revenue for the 2-night  stay exceeded Attributable Costs by a wide margin. The promotion paid out immediately, and filled the hotels to over 70% occupancy.

Then came Free Hartmann Luggage and Other Business Builders

  • Free Hartmann Luggage was the first major successful and affordable upscale traveler continuity event. 

  • We followed with other promotions to build weekend business, such as "Two Can Have Fun For the Price of One" 

  • Then came a sophisticated catering brochure with top quality photography that ramped up events business.

Solo NY Pizza

Top Quality, Hand Tossed NY PIzza

  • We taught owners Said and Fadia Mehenni how to take appetizing food photos with their Smart Phones, and recommended Posting and Targeted Paid Boosts (ads), that helped them to become a market leader on Facebook in just four months. In the Loudoun Times Mirror "Best of Loudoun" Awards, readers voted Solo NY Pizza Number 2 in Loudoun County (open only three months when poll was taken).

Best Steak and Cheese in Town

  • We developed the Marketing Plan, focusing on Social Media. We positioned Solo as having delicious Italian cuisine for the whole family, at reasonable prices. 

Fresh, Crisp Salads, and Prompt, Friendly Service

  • Few restaurants can top Solo's Fresh, Crisp Salads and other fine Italian Foods. Service is friendlier and more efficient than most competitive restaurants. That is a personal commitment of the founders and the wait staff that has worked admirably. Their Facebook and other reviews range from 4.8 to 5.0.

Fresh Fields Case Study

One of our favorite ad campaigns

We won the Fresh Fields Supermarkets Ad Account when they had three stores in the Metro DC Area.  We helped them grow to seven stores over a year and a half with this ad campaign, that explained why this new concept in supermarkets (Only Good For You Foods) was where they should shop.

The full Page ads ran only in the Washington Post, on a weekly basis.

Results were far beyond expectations, and helped to put Fresh Fields on the fast growth track.

Research conducted after a full year determined that there was a 46% increase in consumer awareness of Fresh Fields and Good for You Foods. Better yet, there was a +42% gain in same store sales versus year-ago!

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